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Deciding to paint the house because we want to give a new atmosphere to the rooms is one of those sensations we all experience.


Simply, our way of living the home can change over the years because various factors influence us: we grow up and abandon pastel colors in favor of more fashionable shades, or we get engaged, and we have to find a compromise on the color to choose for the stay in agreement with our better half, or maybe a child is on the way, and we need to prepare the room before the baby is born. Many situations can change or modify our tastes in the course of our lives, and since our home perfectly reflects the personality of those who live there, changing the paint on the walls is a great starting point to give new life to a room.


Home painting is one of those things we could do on our own, but it could take a long time because we don’t have the manual skills of a professional, or buy the wrong quantities of paint and waste money. Therefore, the best advice is to always rely on a valid professional: thanks to a good painter, we can be sure of receiving quality work without any worries.


Whitewash the house yourself


Here we are! You have decided to try your hand at home painting and have equipped yourself with the necessary paint (be careful to calculate well the square meters to be covered and in any case think up and down, never down), covered furniture and floors with sheets and attached scotch tape of paper on doors and windows: you are ready to start feeling like a house painter for a few days and personalize the rooms of your home.


One of the biggest problems you will notice is that it could happen to stain clothes, furniture, or the floor despite the various precautions. So let’s see how to remedy the most common of these boring situations to eliminate paint stains.


How to remove paint stains from wood


If the wood that has been stained is treated with a glossy finish, the best way to remove it could be to help with a sharp object such as a knife, lifting the paint until it is detached.


However, you may not be able to eliminate the problem because the stain does not come off, do not worry, and run to get a sponge and a basin with soap and water. Pour the soapy water on the stain and rub with the sponge, taking care not to scratch the wood of the table or door you are treating.

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