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A roller or a brush is usually used to apply anti-mold paint to walls and ceilings, for a uniform and textured result. Both in the case of smooth walls and walls with irregularities or decorative motifs, it will be enough to use a normal paint roller. The most used colors in the case of latex paint (anti-mold) are RAL 9001 (cream white) and RAL 9010 (pure white), but also RAL 9016, which offers a neutral white color, without yellow pigments.

Spray application

The roller or brush is not the only tool used for applying different types of paint. Often, a machine is also used, which uses high pressure and facilitates the application of plaster, paint, or latex paint. This application method is chosen with increasing frequency, especially if the square footage of the house is very large or if the house is empty.

The advantages of this technique are immediately visible. The color is applied in one pass, and the price should be lower, given the ability to complete the job faster. The final result will be beautiful to look at and free from imperfections. But be careful: using a spray gun, you risk dirtying all the other elements in the house.

In addition to walls and ceilings, other types of surfaces can also be painted, such as wooden, copper, or doors and metal objects (fences or windows). There is much high-pressure equipment available on the market, and they are increasingly in vogue because they allow you to apply the paint in a single pass.

Different types of paint

To achieve a lasting result, it is important to prepare the surface you want to paint, especially when you apply paint using a brush on materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. The types of paints on the market can have opaque, semi-gloss, or gloss colors. The matt effect is generally used on uneven surfaces to cover imperfections. The semi-gloss shade is considered a standard shade. Its gloss level is medium and is often referred to as “satin” or satin. Finally, there is a glossy varnish, which offers greater shine. This product tends to highlight imperfections and, for this reason, is used only on perfectly regular surfaces. The final result is smooth and shiny, and the surface will be easy to clean.

Special paints

Do you want the color of your wooden surface to remain visible? Then you can use a clear coat. This type of paint is widely used for painting cabinets, tables, and stairs. Using a similar product, the wood grain will remain visible, and, at the same time, it will remain protected from external agents.

Painting the bathroom

When painting the bathroom, it is advisable to use an anti-mold paint, to prevent the formation of stains on the walls. Many people prefer not to change the tiles but rather protect them with a coat of paint. To ensure that the result lasts over time, it will be necessary to prepare the surface properly. The tiles are smooth, so it is difficult for the paint to adhere adequately, thus causing more or less continuous exposure to humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the wall with a special primer and, subsequently, to paint bypassing two or more layers of paint to ensure a perfect installation.

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